Underdevelopment In Africa Essay

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This is one of the best questions I have answered in recent time. Moreover, it is not because I am from Africa, but because western political, social, environmental and economic policies mainly dictated by the United State and Great Britain from the beginning and ending of the cold war led to the reason why Africa is undeveloped today. Furthermore, Africa is underdeveloped today as the result of Western Control, Neocolonialism, Corruption and the process that leads to western aid approval and its mismanagement
The underdevelopment of Africa is the result of Western interference in African economic, social, and body politics. During the early nineteenth century, Western countries had colonized most African countries including the Ivory Coast,
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The West always dictated and implanted its economic and political policy on the continent since the beginning of the twentieth century. The Western relationship with Africa is mainly focused on International trade that often empowers African leaders to become corrupt and brutal dictators. It is important to note that the United States, France, Great Britain, and other Western countries regulated and controls 99.9% of Africa’s natural resources by influencing African leaders to take bribes worth millions of dollars, while at the same time promoting treachery as well as civil conflict that led to the underdevelopment of the continent. Liberia, for example, a country colonized by the American colonization society in the late 1800, was on the path to economic growth and development until western policy and corruption led to 14 years of civil war. According to global security a leading global newspaper, it states that “Liberia is a rather strange place. It should not be a poor country, but it certainly is. For a few years in the 1970s, Liberia 's per capita income was equivalent to that of Japan. Liberia is now ranked by the World Bank as among the very poorest countries in the entire world.” (globalsecurity). This example clearly revealed that as of today’s date, countries in Africa are not freed from Western political and economic inference that often creates the path for the underdevelopment …show more content…
Relying on economic aid creates economic problem for African government because it promotes corruption and inspires irresponsible fiscal policies that often lead to massive and loose spending from government coffers. Economic aid has immensely contributed to the underdevelopment of Africa for the past 50 years because these aids often comes with attachment of economic strings that benefits western counties or the international monetary fund (IMF). Moreover, economic aid are often costly thus presenting problems for African governments because they do not present a fair play in the market place. For example, according to an article “Development aid to Africa negligible in comparison to illicit outflows” in the journal Global Policy Forum it states, “Africa alone loses $192 billion each year to the rest of the world. This is mainly in profits made by foreign companies, tax dodging and the costs of adapting to climate change. Whilst rich countries often talk about the aid their countries give to Africa, this is in fact less than $30 billion each year. Even when you add this to foreign investment, remittances and other resources that flow into the continent, Africa still suffers an overall loss of $58 billion every year. The idea that we are aiding Africa is flawed; it is Africa that is aiding the rest of the world”. (Health poverty action).

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