Underage Drinking Research Paper

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Underage Drinking

Alcoholic beverages have been used to celebrate mostly important events through history, from the Caesars celebrating victories to the end of business negotiations. They are also often used as party starters and nerves inhibitors on parties. But sometimes people don’t understand the side effects and keep consuming big quantities of them. Excessive use of alcohol leads to number of fatal consequences such as cirrhosis and drunk driving and also some post-day consequences such as vomit, headaches and fever. And this practice has been a very popular activity on teenagers who are entering their junior or senior year on high school, and since then it has been one of the major problems in every part of the world including
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Drunk driving is one of the principal reasons on highway accidents. On the year 2000 approximately a sixty nine percent of the teenagers that died in alcohol-related crashes involved young drunk drivers. When they drink and get into a car they usually make poor decisions for their safety. They don’t fasten their safety belts and start speeding.
Heavy drinking is also a main cause for unintentional injuries such as fractures, bruises and little wounds. Drunken people think they are in somehow invincible or unbreakable and are very likely to attempt high-risk stunts. It is also the responsible for the thirty percent of accidental drowning and burning. “Drinking not only increases one’s risk of being involved in a traffic accident or suffering another unintentional injury, but it is also implicated in deaths and injuries associated with violence and suicidal behavior. Frequent heavy alcohol use is associated with increased feelings of hopelessness, suicide ideation, and suicide attempts. Alcohol has been reported to be involved in thirty six percent of homicides, twelve percent of male suicides, and eight percent of female suicides involving people under than

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