Underage Drinking : Is It Nation Wide? Essay

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Juvenile Drinking Underage drinking has become problematic nation wide. Colleges, campus police and police in general, all around the United States, deal with underage drinkers on a daily basis. Many young drinkers are unaware of the outcome alcohol can do to their body in the outcome. Not only the physical harm that alcohol can do to their body but also the fluctuation in emotions, and the risk they have in ruining their lives with just one mistake of being drunk under the age of 21. Anually, around 4,300 deaths are caused from underage drinking. Following the deaths of underage drinkers is the amount of hospital visits are from injuries related to underage drinking, which was around 189,000 in 2010 (“Underage Drinking Statistics”). Many people all over the nation want to lower the drinking age to 18 years old. However, The only problem this would solve is the amount of arrests that are made for adolescents being caught with alcohol or being under the influence either in a public setting or while driving. National Underage Drinking statistics show people ages 12 to 22 drink eleven percent of the total alcohol consumed in the United States (“Underage Drinking Statistics”) According to another survey (which took place in 2011) from Youth Risk Behavior, 39 percent of high school students consumed some amount of alcohol in the past 30 days. Eight percent from this survey claimed to drove after drinking and 24 percent rode with someone who was drinking. In Barstow,…

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