Essay on Underage Drinking : Harmful And Abusive

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Underage Drinking
“Teen alcohol use kills 4,700 people each year - that’s more than all illegal drugs combined” (Hingson) more teens are killed by one of the commodities that the most people do. Everyone makes a big deal about how our kids are overdosing on drugs and are doing gateway drugs that will lead to hard drugs, but yet all those combined don 't account for the death toll of alcohol. Why is that? Some would say it is because alcohol is so harmful and abusive to the human body. Others would argue that the reason is because there is no safe way to do it. Kids want to drink so they go out in the woods, over to a buddies house when his parents are gone, or any way to do so without being able to be seen in public. Then when that kid has to be home to his mom by 12 or when he wants to go pick up another buddy or go eat he has to drive. The environment that a underage teen has to drink in puts them in great danger, because now that teen is forced to get in trouble or risk driving drunk or tipsy. Alcohol is such a widespread used good to ages 18-25 that its consumption will not be stopped by some state law, in order to take control of the dangers of underage drinking we need to change the drinking age to 18 and implement safe environments to drink to help protect our young adults and all who they may interact with on our roads and in our communities.
Young adults are going to drink, there is not much anyone can do about that. With all the tickets fines and laws made and…

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