Underage Drinking For A Public Health Issue Essay

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Underage drinking can facilitate poor judgment that poses countless health and safety risks including drinking and driving, violent behavior, and unwarranted or unprotected sexual activity; consequences may lead to disciplinary actions performed by the school or even with the law. Data concluded from a 2003 case study included in Reducing Underage Drinking: A Collective Responsibility, a book which details the developmental and environmental factors concerning groups of adolescents in relation to normative alcohol consumption, finds that the cost of social underage drinking at approximately $53 billion, and further cost of $49 billion relating to traffic accidents and violent crimes while illegally under the influence. In fact 11% of all alcohol consumed in the United States were youth ages twelve to twenty (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism) making underage drinking a nationwide public health issue. As numbers of underage drinkers increase, debate grows passionately on how to best combat alcohol consumption by minors, and what precisely initiates adolescents to drink. Evidence shows, in order to combat underage drinking, we need to scrutinize the influence and contributing factors that peers, parents, and cultural pressures have on youths and alcohol.
As youths shift away from childhood towards the accepting of more adult roles, a value and focus is placed upon peer approval, parental standards and the perceived norms relative to society. Many essential…

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