Underage College Drinking Is Harmful And Is A Significant Public Health Problem

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Underage college drinking is harmful and is a significant public health problem, and it takes an enormous toll on the intellectual and social lives of students on campuses across the United States.1,2 Here at UC Merced a plan is being devised to tackle this issue by setting a goal included in the Healthy Campus 2020 objectives. The goal is reducing the proportion of students who report engaging in high-risk drinking of alcoholic beverages within the last week, from 32% to 31.6%.4 Although any new environment is exciting because of the opportunities it may bring, the transition that happens when one leaves home to living the “college life” also brings new pressures and great uncertainties.2 Transitioning from being home to being adults, many first year students find themselves becoming vulnerable and submitting to social pressures. As students begin to take their first steps toward independence and adulthood, they face the temptation to celebrate their newfound freedom, test limits, and perhaps escape from new pressures through alcohol and other drugs.1,2 It is not only an issue for first year students but continuing students in college find themselves drinking on a daily basis or binge drinking. Alcohol is one of the most commonly used substance by young Americans. College students often tend to drink to avoid family problems, school work or grades.1,2 There are mental health issues that can trigger students to drink for example a young adult suffering from depression or…

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