Essay on Under The Same Moon By Patricia Riggen

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Sometimes you have to think if we really live in a just world, where equality stands out above all. But unfortunately it is not, there are many who are struggling to achieve the American dream, but very few succeed. Many migrants seeking to leave their country to achieve new opportunities in another country, leaving behind their families and even their children. These stories are repeated every day and the same way we saw in the movie titled Under the Same Moon, produced by Patricia Riggen in Mexico. The moon is a Mexican-American film about the lives of undocumented immigrants crossing the border to live in the United States. After seeing the film, we wonder, as far as is necessary to reach or risk to seek a better quality of life.
In the film Under the Same Moon, tells the story of Rosario, is a mother who travel illegally to the United States to seek a better future for her son Carlitos. His son Carlitos, have 9 years old and lives with her grandmother in Mexico, while his mother calls him on the phone every Sunday at 10:00 am. Carlitos is a very educated and intelligent child. His grandmother is very ill and still cares for Carlitos and works to save your money, because he wants to go with her mother to the United States. One day in the morning, his grandmother died and Carlitos was alone. It was then that he decided to go alone to America to find his mom and some people pay for crossing the border. He began his adventure where he had to face good and bad. With the…

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