Under The Bridge By Michael Harmon Essay

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A Changing World
Could you imagine one of your siblings being banished from your family? In the fictional novel, Under the Bridge by Michael Harmon published in 2012, the main character and narrator Tate experiences this problem with his brother Indy. Tate’s family lives in Spokane, Washington Indy believes he never gets the respect his brother does from his parents. Indy is capable of being a well-rounded person as shown through his writing skills but denies to be that type of person. Because of this, Indy rebels and shows nothing but disrespect to his family. He begins to skip school and do drugs until his father had no choice but to kick him out of the house. This began the long conflict between him and his father, which Tate tries to solve. Along the way, Tate faces many conflicts which include flights and even multiple gun points as he also works toward earning a full skateboard sponsorship. Tate is able to figure out that when you work together anything possible can be achieved, which ultimately becomes the central idea of the novel. Overall, this fast-paced novel is guaranteed to make you want to keep reading to find out what will happen next.
The place we live in today affects our interest, actions, and character. The setting of this story is probably during the early 21st century because Tate’s family owns several computers which before the 21st century were very expensive and not well developed. Tate as we already know lives in Spokane, Washington home to one of…

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