Under The Black Flag: At The Frontier Of The New Jihad By Sami Moubayed

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Under the Black Flag: At the Frontier of the New Jihad by Sami Moubayed was a very educational book that included many specific details and important information. This book covered the topic and ideas of terrorism, ISIS, and al-Qaeda. I chose this book to learn more about the importance of this field, and I expected to understand the background, motives, and reasoning behind ISIS and terrorism. This 240 page nonfiction introduction to ISIS published by I.B.Tauris&Co.Ltd was a very educational read that met my expectations and provided me with a great amount of information and detail. With a wide range of discussions and headlines, I was able to meet my expectations, and gain knowledge about ISIS and terrorism. Under the Black Flag answers …show more content…
There are very strict rules and guidelines the members must follow. For instance, people who wish to work for ISIS must wear all black, and are banned from certain luxuries like DVD’s and music. These members must also stay within the ISIS boundaries, including schools, armies, and national anthems and flags. People join ISIS to gain money and escape from their hometowns and lifestyles. “Those who joined ISIS did so not only because of the money and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s long swords. They did it because their former societies had fallen apart and failed them, leaving them to rot in poverty and ignorance” (pg. 210). This gives the reader an idea as to why someone would want to join this group. However, ISIS has many different ways to punish those who disobey. Their main strategy is to cut the head off of the ones who are targeted to be executed. They have many references when asked why beheading is their main course of action. ISIS points to the Prophet Muhammad and to the Qur’an, which say “‘when you encounter the unbelievers on the battlefield, strike off their heads and bind the prisoners tightly.’ This has been universally translated as: ‘When you meet the believers;

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