Under Armour Critical Analysis Essay

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4. Critical Analysis

Through the successes of Under Armour as a global brand, its online presence has grown substantially with the integration of digital communication channels and platforms. This critical analysis will be with regards of the positive and negative factors taken in by as a first time consumer basis. Through Need Recognition, as a first time consumer with heavy usage of online media channels, I had the opportunity to chance upon Under Amour’s usage and utilization of the available social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc.) that are consistent. This will be supported by the usage of social media that have become more of a habitual instinct to most consumers now. This has helped them tremendously which have resulted in
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Based on research, I found that its online social media all has individuality that targets different audiences (e.g. Under Armour Basket Ball, Under Armour Football, Under Armour Running and Under Armour Base Ball etc.) (Syed 2015) which could be easily found as it was all linked and symmetrical. Under Armour also uses transformative internet marketing tools to utilize their marketing strategy that captures the attention of their consumers. One good example would be the advertisements starring Gisele Bundchen that I found transformative. The advertisement comprised of live social media streaming insults whilst Gisele Bundchen was fought against these comments with Under Armour Apparel. It’s bulk of guerrilla marketing and innovation resulted in 1.5billion media impressions and a staggering 15 million in earned media alone and create engaging consumer experience (Nudd 2015). The continuous effort by Under Armour has been a driving force in terms of an integrated online presence due to their innovative marketing strategy and business model and it was the talk amongst my peers that reengaged me as a retaining

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