Analysis Of Uncle Tom's Cabin By Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Patricia Palacios
Uncle Tom’s Cabin Fall Term Paper
Even though slavery might have been seen as beneficial to slave owners, it was still really cruel to its victims which lead to many people becoming abolitionists. In Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe, the author’s intent is to convince her readers, especially the northern ones, that slavery is wrong and must be abolished due to the suffering lives of tortured slaves by showing how their human rights were violated, how their families were destroyed by separation, and the owners attitude towards them.
All slaves had their human rights violated since they were being controlled by a master, a slave owner, who told them what to do for them. Most of the tasks the masters order their slaves
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They treated them as if they were not humans and more like trash because of white supremacy and slave ownership. Slave owners used their slaves to their maximum potential causing the victim to suffer emotionally and physically in order to not get hit and survive. They treated slave women as if they did not have any feelings. Slave women were raped constantly by their slave owner and were told that they did not have any other option because they were owned by them. This meant to the slave owners that they could do anything with their slaves because they were their property. Slave owners were selfish and just cared about themselves. They did slavery for the money and for the white supremacy they held. A slave was horribly punished by his master. They received whips, kicks, and more. The slave owners did not feel any sympathy towards their slaves.They did not care if they were being too cruel or whipping too hard they just did what felt right to them and not what was best for the slave. Tom was beaten up violently by his owner Legree because he did not want to whip Lucy (pg. 302-303). Due to the beating and the injuries it caused, Tom soon died (pg. 307). Just like there were horrible slaves owners with bad attitudes there were a few better slave owners like Tom’s first slave master, Arthur Shelby. He was known as a kind master to his slaves since he treated them right and cared about them (pg. 9). But what he did wrong was sell his slave Tom as merchandise to pay his debt (pg. 9). Due to this, Tom suffered a lot.
In conclusion, the author Harriet Beecher Stowe communicates in her book Uncle Tom’s Cabin that the existence of slavery is wrong through the harsh situations the slaves face due to not being able to use their human rights to their full extent, having their family members separated from them, and the bad attitude they received from their slave owners. She wants slavery to be abolished being

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