Essay on Uncle Tom 's Cabin By Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Uncle Tom’s cabin was written by Harriet Beecher Stowe and published in 1852 during the era of slavery in America. The arrival of this book has bring tremendous reaction from the society, both the masters and misters as well as the slaves because the author clear statement about her position as an antislavery. Her protests against any practice of slavery are based on Christianity and morality points of view as all humans are created by God and should be treated equally. Stowe believed the only way to end slavery as well as racism is trough complete segregation because however, blacks and white trying to be united trough become a family, friend, and teacher-student fellow, those would be end up unsuccessfully.
In the novel story there are several interracial relationships that build upon force and love. In his book Who Is Black?: One nation’s definition, F. James Dave wrote that during the slavery era many black women are being exploited sexually by their masters. As a result, many mixed children were born into slavery and sometimes without been acknowledged by their biological white fathers. (Who is black?: One nation 's definition. University Park., pp. 38). Two female in the story are known to have been sexually assaulted and forced by their owner which are Cassy with Legree and Emily with Mr. Harris. This sore ting however, balanced by some blithe story as Stowe tells how Cassy feel loved by man and be able to become a mother also Cassy’s mother also said to be in love…

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