Essay on Uncle Tom 's Cabin By Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Uncle Tom’s Cabin is a powerful, historical book, which touches upon many of the issues of its time. The author, Harriet Beecher Stowe, addresses issues such as slavery, feminism, religion, and prohibition through her own commentary and symbology of characters and situations. Pushing for many different reforms, the first and foremost being the abolition of slaves.
Stowe presented to the public of her time, an argument not uncommon in that period, that slavery should be abolished. She used her book to counter some of the most common argument in favor of slavery. She showed the evils in every form of slavery starting with the most mild of forms and ending with the most cruel, heart-wrenching form and broke down the viewpoint that slaves were just belongings instead of human beings, who suffer just as much,if not more, as a white man. She did so in the use of characters such as Mr. Shelby and St. Clare, George (the slave), Mr. Haley, Legree, and Eva.
One of the common pro-slavery arguments was that not all slave-owners were cruel and oppressive, but rather that some were so kind to their slaves that the slaves actually enjoyed it. However in the final chapter of the book, this is best stated when a slave escaped his master and the master found him and asked why he would leave since the master had always been kind and over-indulgent to which the young slave stated “Mas’r may die, and the who get me?--I’d rather be a free man” (373) This thought was also put into practice as…

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