Uncle Tom 's Cabin, By Harriet Beecher Stowe Essay examples

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Blacks played a leading role in the abolitionist movement. Northern blacks attracted to Garrison’s opposition to colonization and his demand for equal rights were half of The Liberator’s subscribers. Several blacks were leaders of the American Anti-Slavery Society, and northern-born blacks and fugitive slaves such as Frederick Douglass quickly became major organizers and speakers. Many fugitive slaves published accounts of their experience of slavery, which became powerful tools in communicating the reality of slavery to northern audiences. Uncle Tom’s Cabin, a novel published by Harriet Beecher Stowe in 1852, was based on one fugitive slave’s life and sold more than 1 million copies in only a few years.
Even though abolitionism was the first racially integrated social movement in American history and the first to make equal rights for blacks central to its agenda, the movement could not avoid the racism prevalent in white America. White abolitionists could not entirely free themselves of racial prejudice. They monopolized key decision-making positions and resources in the movement. By the 1840s, black abolitionists frustrated with white control started to hold their own black abolitionist conventions. Some, like Henry Highland Garnet, departed from the white movement by calling for violent resistance to slavery. Nevertheless, white and black abolitionists did mount legal and political campaigns against racial discrimination in northern states. They had a few victories,…

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