Essay on 'Uncle Albert' Drama Education

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Uncle Albert – A Drama Process to review drama education, and consider how drama may be applied in a classroom of year 6 – 8 students.

This drama uses a short poem – Uncle Albert by Vernon Scannell – chosen because it is short and because a number of conventions used in the course can be applied similarly. The poem will be issued in class.

The poem has a character interest – the writer remembers his uncle, probably from some time ago. It has gaps in it – always useful for drama – and offers the chance to invent a life and history for Albert. It suggests the child’s naive view of his family history – and so has connections to family culture, family stories told and untold, as well as possible
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|Describe HOW you would enter, how you’d sit, what you’d say to them…Write several lines. |
|To portray the mother I would enter sombre, quietly and slowly into the room to show the affect on the mother from Uncle Albert being taken |
|away. As I enter I would be wearing an apron, t-shirt and sweat pants to show a hard working, stressed mother upset about Uncle Albert. I |
|would sit on the chair leaning against the back for support and I would have my feet flat on the floor with my hands in my lap. When the |
|students ask me questions as the boy I would respond vaguely and slowly to build up tension and so the students would have to ask more |
|questions. This will also allow the students to be intrigued in the story and keep them thinking in their character. |
|To leave the conversation between the students as the boy and myself as the mother I would say I have to get ready for

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