Unbreakable : How Artists Influence American Values Essay

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Unbreakable: How Artists Influence American Values After 9/11
September 11, 2001. Even fifteen years later the very mentioning of that date conjures deeply buried emotions in Americans. Clearly, America has not forgotten the events of 9/11, but neither have its artists of all mediums. Photographers use their camera to arouse these guarded emotions by employing rhetorical devices to create arguments. An image, capturing but a single moment in history, can communicate a profound argument and evoke deep emotions by employing rhetorical devices. These devices are used to create specific arguments by creating unique angles of vision, which dictate how a viewer understands an image. For example, the images produced during the attack and today during ceremonies continue to influence the citizens’ perception of the attack. Some of these images related to 9/11 are separated by years and create arguments specifically pertinent to their respective time periods in the nations healing process. A Getty Images photograph taken on the day of the attack, and Evan Vucci’s photograph taken on the White House lawn for the 14th year anniversary ceremony, use similar rhetorical devises in unique ways to create different angles of vision. The photographer from Getty Images wants the viewer to feel the same shock felt by first responders, yet also makes the argument: firefighters are the bravest among society. Vucci’s photograph presents a different argument: nothing can break Americas continuing…

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