Essay about Unavailability Of Staff And Work

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Unavailability of staff and work spillover from home to work :

Flexible working arrangements also have disadvantages that can have adverse affects to the team and the business. Most notably is the unavailability of the employee. Employees that work out of the office can be difficult to get in contact with as they are not always readily available as they would be in the office, this can be problematic for the functionality of the business and team when urgent tasks or meetings are required (Michielsens, Bingham and Clarke 2013). Similarly, employees may find reduce work life balance and experience negative home life interference during periods where business needs are busy forming an incompatible domain between work and home (Sok, Blomme and Tromp 2014). A recent study conducted found that the spillover theory proves positive or negative behaviours and emotions found in your work environment are easily conveyed to your home environment and determine the balance of your home and work life (Sok, Blomme and Tromp 2014). Flexible work arrangements could be damaging to the families of employee’s who are not able to build a strong foundation in dividing work and home domains, which can result in lower job satisfaction, and physical and emotional well being.

Staff supervision:

Management may have difficulties supervising staff with ensuring employee productivity and outputs are meeting business objectives. Management supervising staff working flexibly would be required to…

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