Unauthorized Use Of Computers At Work Essay example

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Unauthorized use of computers at work is when an employee uses company owned property for personal use. Employees may use company computers to play games while on break, or the employee may work on personal finances or personal work with the company computer. Employees will send personal emails from work or browse the internet for personal reasons. Companies, over the years, have found it more common for employees to use computers for personal reasons while on company time. Companies have taken precautionary measures to ensure that company time is not wasted or abused. Software has been created to help companies prevent unauthorized use of computers from the employees. It saves time and money when the company can monitor unauthorized use of computers within the company (O 'Brien & Marakas, 2015). In the music industry, people are prone to download music in an unauthorized manner because it is free. People find ways of getting things for free rather than purchasing items. Companies suffer financially when unauthorized usage of software or company property is taking place. People may not think that unauthorized use of computers is unethical or illegal. People may have a different perception of what is ethical and legal. Some individuals may have a difficult time with moral behavior. If a person cannot decipher what is right and wrong, that person will probably choose the unethical approach. It is interesting how and why individuals choose unethical or illegal…

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