Unattainable Standards Of Beauty Essay

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How we define women as beautiful will always be a tricky subject. In our society, pressure from advertisements and the media have contorted the way in which people have judged beauty for decades. There is a stereotype that women feel pressure to fit into to be defined as “beautiful,” such as being skinny, having good hair, having clear skin, having pretty eyes, the list goes on. This is one of the main points talked about in Sexism and Sexuality in Advertising “Everywhere we turn, advertisements tell us what it means to be desirable…. For a woman, the messages all share a common theme: She must be “beautiful””(Jacobsen and Mazur 2). Women have consequently felt lower self-esteem and self-degradation because of how impractical these ideas are. No matter how many beauty products women use, there is never a guarantee that women are going to have a higher self esteem or more confidence.
Dove, created a beauty marketing campaign in 2013 to empower women about their appearance. Dove is a company that produces cosmetics, all primarily geared towards women.
On the Dove company website this is how they introduce the ad “The problem is, we 're so bombarded by unattainable standards of beauty – in magazines, TV, adverts, on social media – that we undervalue
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Axe makes personal care products for men and therefore its ads are targeted to men. They are full of buxom blondes wearing skimpy clothing and oozing sex appeal. It makes you wonder how Unilever balances this kind of advertising with that of Axe with Dove and its body positiveness and all about confidence in yourself and your beauty. In other words, Axe objectified women while Dove celebrates the natural beauty of women. Ironically, the same company that aims to end self-esteem issues in women, is also contributing to

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