Un Involvement In The Cold War

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U.S & UN Involvement

The expansion of communism, development of Cold War and the post War led to the development of an irrational fear of communism in the U.S, this led to anti communist laws and legislations in the U.S. After the use of Atomic bombs, the U.S felt “untouchable” and militarily superior; as the only country in possession of atomic bombs the U.S believed that they could rely on their atomic arsenal for national defense and War; therefore they cut their army because they regarded a big army as an unnecessary expense.
After the WWII Japanese territory was confiscated by the UN, and the UN appointed the U.S and Russia to establish a country in the Korean Peninsula; Russia took the northern portion and U.S.A took the southern
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As Historian William Stueck said” The Chinese people absolutely will not tolerate foreign aggression, nor will they supinely tolerate seeing their neighbours being savagely invaded by imperialists.” (Stueck, Rethinking the Korean War) When the UN forces resumed their offensive on November 24, the UN intelligence expected a maximum of 80,000 Chinese soldiers defending, erroneously, the PRC had Positioned One quarter million PLA soldiers on their border with North Korea.a In the Fall of 1950 Gen. Chu Teh, the People 's Liberation Army commander managed to slip 300,00 fighting men into Korea “Under the noses of the United …show more content…
The Chinese had “machine guns, mortars, rifles and heavy weapons” (Stokesbury.103) sometimes the Chinese would even dig in a mere a hundred yards from the road. General Peng Dehuai, who commanded the Chinese troops, had around 200,000 men(Stueck) waiting for the opportunity to launch a major offensive. By November 28 the Chinese managed to defeat the UN, and made around 17,000 UN troops(Stueck) fight their way back to the sea. By December 5 the Chinese army managed to regain North Korea, retake Pyongyang without a fight and pushed the UN army back to the 38th Parallel. On November 28, 1950, General MacArthur announced: “Chinese military forces are committed to North Korea in great and ever increasing strength… We face a new war” (Rethinking the Korean War, William Stueck). The Chinese apart from defeating several times the UN army also had taken a severe battering. Around 40,000 men, many amongst the best Chinese soldiers, had been

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