Umuc Toyota Tps Analysis Essay

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Assessing the Production System at Toyota
David Osborn
Ebenezer Ogoke
Lamar Pryor
Loretta Inoni
UMUC AMBA 640 9042- Dr. Wende Huehn-Brown

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Exercise #1:
Executive Summary
Since the early 1950’s Toyota has been in the business of manufacturing automobiles as a family operated company. Much of Toyota’s success has come from their ability to adapt to an ever changing market place, in both good times and in bad, while honoring its commitment to product safety and quality. This commitment has allowed them to consistently produce cars that meet or exceed that of their competition, while taking into consideration the impact on our
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This system allows for employees to run multiple machines at the same time without having to stand and watch each one for proper operation. Probably the number one way that jidoka can be used is in a lab setting where multiple tests are being conducted and one goes wrong and an individual stops all tests in order to ascertain what has happened and how other tests may be affected. Jishuken is defined as “a management driven kaizen activity where management identifies areas in need of continuous improvement and spread information throughout the organization to stimulate kaizen activity” (Toyota Kentucky, 2013). An example of jishuken may be found in any organization that practices hands on quality management. A company that requires it managers, and office personnel, to better understand the processes of why something happens and or seeks to better understand the processes is conducting jishuken. Management continually providing information amongst all employees and the organization will enhance both safety and improve quality through pride in the manufacturing process and seek out ways to improve the process (
Kaizen is a strategy whereby employees at all levels seek continued improvement in a process. In effect it takes everyone’s

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