Roman Empire Vs Umayyad Empire

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The rise and collapse of the empires rely heavily on its polity. Among it, centralization is an essential instrument, which the government or emperor holds sufficient authority to control politics, military, religions and so forth. And a variety of rules built the direct centralized authority to concentrate the power, such as the Qin Dynasty and the Umayyad Empire. As for the Roman Empire, Augustus used a lot of indirect methods to satisfy people’s needs and his power at the same time. The main difference between them is that Augusts hid his desire of absolute power under the outward republicanism. People may not find out the truth and still support him. And in some degree, he also had limitations to abuse the power.
For the sake of the nascent
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Troubled by the tribal factionalism and the threat of rebellion, similar as the Qin Dynasty, Myawiyah chose to create a strong centralized regime, which sought to maintain the success of Arab’s conquests. [2] For internal action, he followed the main ideas of Byzantine and had three governmental branches, likes Qin’s prefectures and counties, which aimed to strengthen the emperor’s power. He also united the language. [3] The difference was in the Umayyad Empire, the centralization was a combination of religion and military. For instance, Umayyad rulers used Islam as its excuse for battles. In other words, through the process of conquest, conquered nations’ language and religion was gradually assimilated, which solidified Muawiya’s power base and promoted the empire’s unity and stability. Unfortunately, the downfall of the Empire connected closely to the religion. Unfortunately, the downfall of the Empire connected closely to the religion. As the Umayyad Empire developed, vast area’s loyalties were increasing difficult to control and there were the contradictions between non-Arabs Muslim and Arabs Muslim. [4] Thus, there were growing regional identities and power divisions in the Umayyad Empire and finally, it was overthrown by the Abbasids and their Shi’te allies. …show more content…
Before the Roman Empire, the old Republic had experienced a series of civil war and political conflict, and the citizens are opposed to Caesar’s dictatorship. [5] Drew the lesson from Caesar, Augustus knew the importance to appease people’s emotion. So the Roman Empire remained many traditional forms of the old Republic, such as the senate. Nevertheless, they only existed in name. In order to centralize his power, Augustus used many indirect methods. He called himself “Princeps”, which means “first citizen”, instead of the emperor. Moreover, feigning reluctance, under the appointment of the senate, he assumed command of the provinces. This event also provided him with control over the majority of Roman 's legions and retained his autocratic power over the Republic as a military dictator. [6] All in all, under the outward faced Republic, citizens were happy that they were in a new democratic age while in reality, Augustus gained the absolute

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