Uluova Case Study

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Uluova is a firm that specialized in farming, dairy goods, especially in the milking process. Uluova has located in Marmara region of Turkey, in the city of Çanakkale. They have begun building Uluova in 2011, and they started the business in 2013. As heard from the owner himself and the manager himself, Uluova began producing milk with entire capability in August of 2014. Uluova has the "Direct Sales" business model for their milking business, and on the other hand, they sell their animals to other farms for a cost, which has the same "Direct Sales" business model. They are working with businesses only which one can also name as Business to Business or B2B method, but they are planning to expand their operations and sell their "Raw Milk" to …show more content…
However, today's capitalism cannot go this way. It should be sustainable, and it should be more safe about data transactions even it is for a useful purpose. The second information system that will be analyzed here is ADF systems. This system has many benefits as SenseTime do have. SenseTime is more about animals behavioral figures, on the other hand, ADF is more about the health of the animal itself. ADF works with FreeFlow which has integration with SenseTime's RFID chips. FreeFlow is a system that matches the SenseTime device found on the necks of the animals as they come to milking units and conveys the knowledge of how much milk the animal gave to the servers. When the information provided by these two systems is combined, it becomes meaningful information that is of great importance for decision making. SenseTime does the psychological analysis of the animals as described, and FreeFlow measures how much milk they give. So, it allows us to understand whether an animal gives more milk when it is angry or happy. This tells us what we have to do to improve the efficiency of the

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