Essay Ukraine And The Soviet Union

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The history of Russia and Ukraine’s relationship is a long and complicated one. As one of the former Soviet Union countries, Ukraine has close ties to Russia and has historically had a great economic dependence on the current Federation. However, it is mostly due to this complicated relationship that Ukraine is still considered a developing nation. In fact, Russia’s economic interactions with Ukraine have had an overall negative effect on the developing nation and are somewhat responsible for its lack of development due to these close and complicated economic ties. In response, the international system gives development aid to the Ukraine in grand amounts for a European country.
As the Soviet Union began to collapse in the early 90s, Ukraine held a referendum to claim its own independence in 1991. The referendum was extremely successful with a 90.3% approval of the Ukraine’s cessation from the USSR. As a part of the Soviet Union, however, Ukraine was depended on for its fertile soil to yield grain and other natural resources. The USSR’s use of Ukraine for this purpose was once so overzealous that it caused the Holodomor, a famine that ravaged Ukraine from 1932-33 and killed over 3.3 million people. While still a part of the USSR, Ukraine had prosperous trade with other now-former Soviet Union states and could sustain itself fairly well, aside from anytimes of poor agriculture when USSR would take in all the food from its outer countries. However, after the collapse…

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