Ukraine's Role in the Process of Globalization Essay

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Ukraine’s role in the process of globalization

Globalization is a relatively recent phenomenon that has an enormous influence on the future of our planet. It elicits contradictory reactions from economists, politicians, scientists and ordinary people. In addition to its benefits, globalization has dangers and risks. It is responsible for environmental problems, the population explosion, extreme poverty, mass unemployment, etc.

But what does globalization mean for different countries? Most commentators agree that two types of globalization are underway in today’s world. One of them (the only one, according to many) is Westernization or rather the imposition of Western norms, values and advances in science and technology as the only
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Ukraine can enter economic and political associations in Eastern Europe. But it must do so with its own strategy and according to its interests. Ukraine has the opportunity to represent the interests of universal globalization in the local civilizational globalization that has Russia at its centre. This is not wishful thinking nor is it simply Ukrainian patriotism. Historically, Ukraine has always been a vehicle of Western influence in Eastern Europe.

Consider the following. In the 17th century Petro Mohyla developed the idea of synthesizing Eastern and Western cultures. This concept served as a stepping-stone for Feofan Prokopovych, the most dynamic ideologist behind Peter the Great’s (1672-1725) reforms in Russia. Major intellectual currents, such as Western (and particularly Italian) humanism, passed through Ukraine. Representatives of the early Renaissance were active in Ukraine. Mohyla, Prokopovych, Kozachynsky, Matviy Yavorsky and others studied at the Vatican or at Western universities; Mohyla, for example, studied at the same college as Descartes. They brought humanism to Ukraine in particular and Eastern Europe in general. Thus, Eastern Europe became exposed to the Reformation primarily because of the links between the Kyiv Mohyla Academy and the Halle School of Pietism in Germany. Major philosophical and scientific concepts passed through Ukraine, including the ideas of

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