Uk Deloitte Annual Report Essay

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Financial Statements



Report to members


Report of the independent auditor to the members of Deloitte LLP


Consolidated income statement


Consolidated statement of comprehensive income


Consolidated balance sheet


Consolidated statement of changes in equity


Consolidated cash flow statement


Notes to the financial statements


Report to members

The Board presents its report to the members and the audited financial statements of Deloitte LLP for the year ended 31 May 2011. The financial statements incorporate the financial statements of Deloitte LLP and all its subsidiary undertakings (the ‘group’), drawn up to
31 May each year. The financial
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David Sproul began his first term as Senior Partner and Chief
Executive on 1 June 2011.

The Board is responsible for the promotion and protection of member interests and for the oversight of the Executive Group. It approves Deloitte’s long-term strategies and has specific oversight of risk.
As with the Senior Partner and Chief Executive, the
Chairman is nominated by the Board and elected by the members and serves for a four-year term of office.
David Cruickshank commenced his second term of office as Chairman on 1 June 2011. The separation of the roles of the Chairman and the Senior Partner and
Chief Executive provides a strong measure of accountability for the executive team.
The current Board comprises:
David Cruickshank, Chairman, David Sproul, Senior
Partner and Chief Executive, David Barnes, John
Cullinane, Nick Edwards, Margaret Ewing, John
Fotheringham, Stephen Griggs, Chris Loughran, Anna
Marks, Vince Niblett, Ellie Patsalos, Chris Powell, Ian
Steele and Dennis Woulfe. Independent Non-Executives are: Gerry Grimstone and Dr DeAnne Julius CBE.
Principal activity
The principal activity of Deloitte is the provision of
Audit, Tax, Consulting and Corporate Finance services in the United Kingdom. In addition, professional services are provided in Switzerland and the Middle East by subsidiary entities.
Our vision is to be the Distinctive Firm, standing out from the competition through the

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