Ui Design Has So Many Things That I Found Essay

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UI Design has so many things that I found that tells you information about it. But lets talk about the history about UI Design. Well the history of the UI design can be broken up in to three eras, the batch era, which it started in the 1945-1968, the Command line, which it started in 1969-1983, and final the graphical, which started in 1984- still. This all started when some one invented a digital computer. So then when they created the computer the opening dates of the first two eras came out of there work place and had been leaked so not people are able to use UI in there homes. It started transforming the user Interfaces in a serious way. So using those interfacing it would of take lots of time and turning into graphical interface. Back in the day every app of UI was created from the beginning. It started off with the WIMP, which means windows, icons, menus, and pointer. Xerox Parc is a group of people who made WYSIWYG, modern software development, and also most of the UI we know today. So remember the old software for computers like the apple computer when they started with Macintosh system 1-9 and you can see how the UI changed in the Apple computer. Also with the Windows software too like windows 1, 2, 3, 3.11, 95, and 98. You can see how that software changed too with these old UI design. Remembering the other some computer software like Unix, Linux, IRIX, some of the Unix software was bought buy other big companies like Windows and Apple. So now the updates of the…

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