Uglies Scott Westerfeld Character Analysis

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in Scott Westerfeld's book series "Uglies" his main character is one that quickly catches a person's attention. Tally Youngblood is a person who wants nothing more than to fit in with the society that was made up around her and her generation. Tally wants nothing more than to become a "Pretty" yet in order to do that, she has to "save" a friend and rat out a secret hideout for those of whom want nothing to do with being "Pretty" and the society in general. Tally does not know it yet, but she is a cautious conflicted adventurer, a kind yet naive juvenile, and courageous person who has a lot to learn about herself and the world around her.

Tally is an adventurer, a person willing to take risks for thrilling excitement, a trickster. Tally and
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After the party crash with Paris, Tally made a new friend named Shay and they had become good friends over the summer. Shay was always against the whole "everyone is born ugly" ideology and complained to Tally about it countless of times. Shay left a week before the procedure and told Tally where she was going. Tally is now in a situation to where she can not become a Pretty because Shay left and did not want to take part in the surgery to become a pretty herself. "...Until you do help us, to the very best of your ability,you will never be pretty." Dr.Cable is apart of Special Circumstances and is the one who confronted Tally and personally told her everything. While doing so, Dr.Cable told tally that she and Special Circumstances needed tally's help in finding Shay and others like Shay whom have disappeared. When Tally explains that she can not rat out a friend because of the promise she made to Shay, Dr.Cable gives Tally n ultimatum. Either Tally helps Special Circumstances and then become a Pretty or don't help them and say an Ugly until she grows old and die. Tally does not like the idea of having to remain an Ugly for the rest of her life what so ever. So, after being persuaded by her parents and Paris,Tally decides to let Special Circumstances that she will help them get them back. This is what makes Tally …show more content…
tally finally comprehends that there is something really wrong with Special Circumstances and Tally now knows that they are just using her to get the resistance to go through their ways against their will and she does not want to be apart of that plan in any way. Tally want to be courageous and do the right thing. Tally uses what she now knows to her advantage and decides that she has a real choice in her life. "She (Tally)opened her hand and threw the necklace into the center of the fire." Before Tally was to be sent out to search for Shay and the others, she was given a silver necklace. This necklace had a locator in it that could instantly give way the place of where you were with the push of the heart shaped button,thus given away their location. The necklace was given to her by Special Circumstances and she was told that it could help them find Tally and the others when she found them. Since Tally had completely changed her mind about becoming a Pretty and did not want to go back to New Pretty Town,Tally decided that she would get rid of the only way that Special Circumstances could ever get to them. With that in mind,Tally destroyed it in hopes of her being a hero and keeping her new found friends safe and this is what makes tall

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