Ufo and Aliens Essay

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Is there really life on other planets? You have probably asked yourself a question like this at least once in your life. Perhaps we will never really know because there is not any solid evidence. The only evidence is the testimony of people who have supposedly seen something out of the ordinary. There have been reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) all over the world and even reports of people being abducted by strange beings. Are people making all this up or are they really seeing something from another world? In the article “Extraterrestrial encounters: UFOs,” Alexander Geppert, an Emmy Noether Research Group Director at Freie Universitat Berlin, contends that people throughout the country and around the whole world …show more content…
People have waited a long time to find out if we are alone in the universe. Finally, with all these sightings, we know the answer. In another article titled “The Ordinary Nature of Alien Abduction Memories,” Mahzarin Banaji, a professor of psychology at Yale University, argues that UFO abduction and aliens are not real. According to Banaji, people who have reported alien abduction share similar personalities, beliefs and cultures. They make up these stories of being captured by extraterrestrial beings for experiments and then returned back to Earth to collect human data to escape their self-awareness. Banaji claims that, “The person first become[s] aware of a change in the significance of some object, event, idea, or memory. This awareness then stimulates attempts to describe and explain to change itself” (133-134). In short, humans want to be the best among others. People who report alien abductions change their belief and convince themselves that they were captured and experimented on by aliens. This makes them feel special and if they are looking for attention, they get it. People always look for that moment of glory, and anything related to aliens is an easy way to get some fame. For decades, UFO investigation has been caused controversy all over the world. These two articles both make good points, but Alexander Geppert is more convincing. He

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