Essay on Ufc vs. Wwe

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UFC Vs. WWE UFC and WWE are two of the biggest sports in entertainment world but they are not really the same. The UFC is real but the WWE may look real but truthfully it's not. The WWE is all fake. Yes the wrestlers can get hurt in the WWE but It's still fake. Here are some differences and similarities between the two. UFC is a combat sport where the outcomes are not pre-determined and the moves are all real and are done against a resisting opponent. The UFC has been broadcasting since 1993. The UFC has several weight divisions and therefore several titles. UFC only have male fighters but employs octagon girls. The octagon girls purpose is primarily as eye candy for the viewers. UFC fighters tend to have better head movement and …show more content…
Also, the WWE there are over thirty kind of matches. Some of the matches may have chairs, tables, ladders and other weapons in them. Others have cages, more than one wrestler in the ring and some matches may not even be in a wrestling ring. Both the UFC and WWE are full contact combat sports not for the feint hearted. Both provide hundreds of careers for people from all across the globe, and their main purpose is to entertain television watchers across the globe. Both have employed thousands of people throughout their long histories on TV. Also both of these industries rosters are full of highly specialized male athletes. Another similarity is that they both offer pay-per-view events where the biggest most important matches take place. These events are not available on TV unless you pay a fee. There are many similarities these two organizations share and many say that they both fall into the same genre of television. But The most distinct similarity is that they both involve athletes attempting to win matches. And there you go. Now you know that the UFC is the real deal and that the WWE is fake. I think though that the both could learn from each other. WWE fighters seem to generate more power from strikes by stomping on the canvas to gain momentum in their strikes which I would like to see some UFC fighters

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