Ucsb Human Sex Soc 152a Final Study Guide Essay

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FORMAT OF THE FINAL EXAM (worth 60 points)

Answer all 12 multiple choice questions
Answer 8 (out of 10) essay questions

PGS. 270 – 272.8
Birth Control has a Long History 1. Historically a. “birth control” accomplished through neglect, abandonment, or outright killing unwanted babies b. Intended function of sex: procreation c. Most condoms were made from animal skin d. 1960s – oral contraceptives ( helps spur the “sexual revolution” of that time 2. Feminists led the campaign to legalize contraception a. “Comstock Laws” [contraception was considered obscene] b. Margeret Sanger (Read Box on 19.1) i. Birth control movement 3. Contraception
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Escort service prostitution – service that provides prostitutes, generally contacted by telephone

a. Main form of prostitution in the US b. Call girl – an escort service prostitutes, especially one who is relatively upscale in terms of clientele and price c. Outcall vs. Incall d. Expected to be better looking and more presentable e. Costs more f. Somewhat safer for the prostitute, but still high risk of injury, disease, and arrest g. Real escorts – beautiful and well bred young W or M that can be taken w/o embarrassment

i. often work for madam h. Gigolo – male prostitute who caters to W

Good Pay is the Main Motive for Prostitution 1. Some prostitutes have special needs that require a high income 2. M use prostitutes for many reasons a. Diffuculty finding unpaid sex partners, avoid hassles involved with regular dating, issues with frequency and variety of sex with partner

3. The prostitutes rights movement a. Works for decriminalization – simple elimination of laws that outlaw prostitution b. COYOTE – mission is to improve the image and working conditions for prostitutes

c. Legalization with regulation – prostitutes would be allowed to work in prescribed locations and under defined conditions

4. The debate on prostitution is world wide a.

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