Ubuntu Case Study

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Upon finding out I had to use a Linux for a week I was a little concerned. I have had prior interest with the open source operating system but never enough to actually want to put it on my machine.I have read and heard horror stories that certain drivers couldn 't be found or that wireless couldn 't be enabled in the system due to multiple reasons. But, I went in with an open mind and was pleasntly surprised with the outcome and ease of access that Ubuntu made available to me. Installation was fast and easy, the most difficult thing I ran into was finding out which drive I wanted the Ubuntu to load on. Actually said operating system was not so fast and easy. I found my self having major difficulty finding Linux ports for certain programs …show more content…
But beyond that Ubuntu was overall a good operating system. I really liked that fact there is a built in application browser so I didn 't have to download VLC media player or Itunes from the browser. One issue I did run into was attempting to bring over certain music files I wanted on a thumb drive. I read that Ubuntu could read all windows files so I thought just using a flash drive would be sufficent. But, at first it didn 't read any files on the flash drive for some reason and I yet have to find a reason out why so I just ended up just uploading every file I needed to Dump Truck cloud storage and downloading it. Also, it found all the drivers my computer used so I didn 't have to do any of that by hand. Ubuntu even found all of my Nvidia graphics card drivers so that was a pleaset relief once I saw that some of my favorite games had Linux ports for them so the most I had to do was configure my graphics card to the settings I wanted. That is what I noticed with Ubuntu though; everything came ready to go upon installation or was very to get and install. Even the installation of programs was easier, essentially helf my hand the entire way or was one button

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