Swot Analysis Of The Uber Model

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China’s Uber for Trucks an On-Demand Service Cracked $1 Billion Estimation
Uber is similar to cabs which offer the travelers to drive at affordable rates. This is more convenient for the travelers who can travel for a longer as well as for a shorter distance. It is friendlier to the travelers and they can drive at a cheap rate for bout RS.6/Km.
Now the company of Uber is bringing advancement in the company like investing in self-driving cars with the purpose of introducing its own fleet of autonomous taxis which brings riders to the desired destination without the need of humans.
More and more advancements in technology make the Uber an on-demand service which cracks $1 billion revenues. One such technology is Uber Truck which
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It works with companies like Williams-Sonoma, Perry Ellis, and Bass Pro Shops to deliver low priced local shipments. As of now, the company operates in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco but later on, it tends to expand across the US and …show more content…
The intent of Convoy is to build the world’s largest network of trucks with guaranteed capacity and real-time GPS tracking on all shipments. This makes the company more unique than others like Amazon, eBay, and Expedia.
Go hare
GoShare is a long-haul logistic company that that follows Uber model that match with customers who needs to moves something like couch, desk or entire room with the drivers who have trucks. At present, the company works with few cities like in California, New Jersey and the city of Atlanta.
Thus the Uber’s method of bypassing the mediator and the connecting service makes directly with those who need them is disturbing. This method of introducing Uber for trucks is highly essential for the users, who need same day delivery of products. It unpacks the kinds of goods where people are most likely to order the same day delivery.
It identifies the technology that makes the same day delivery with cost effective and commonplace. If it results in greater productivity which means in the trucking industry means that it is less down time. Independent owner- operators are likely to consider it very

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