U.s. The United States Essay

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U.S. feeding the whole world and how it can destroy us by consuming too much products. The U.S. is contributing to the world’s consumers and this caused many problems now, plus it will continue if we don’t stop with this madness on mass production. The U.S. is not benefitting from mass production because the U.S. agricultural sector produce high grade food and having no profits plus the U.S. should stop exporting goods so we can save resources. The evidence will continue through this next paragraph.
One U.S. farmer produces enough food to feed 155 people and is leading producer of more than 50 foods of importance. All U.S. farmers will require they produce even more food, on the same or fewer acres, fewer inputs, in sustainable manner. Per the United Nations, global must produce 70 percent more food over the next 40 years than it does today. A single U.S. farmer produce enough for 264 people’s.
The world population growth is not projected to level off until mid-to-late 21st century. The possibility of meeting this demand will be largely dependent upon basic agricultural development in developing countries, with only 10 percent of all supply gains expected to come from increased acres entering production. Increased production and acres in developing countries is important, the responsibility will fall largely upon agriculture in developed countries to increase productivity; to get more food off the same or fewer acres. The great U.S. agriculture has achieved significant…

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