Essay about U.s. The United States

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At the turn of the 20th century, the United States was going through rapid growth in economy and society. This put the U.S. atop the globe, and it is considered to be one of the superpowers, if not the superpower. The U.S. has viewed its self as the world police, when situations come up in countries across the globe, they are one of the first countries to address it. With that they have influenced many countries and left an impact on them, some positive some negative. Two countries the U.S. had direct effects on was Haiti in the early 20th century and Iraq in the 21st century during the bush administration until today. They were in a chaotic stated with revolts around their countries. The United States sent troops and attempted to fix these governments, they did replace the presidents to someone who supported the U.S. Although the United States wanted to help they ended up causing instability for years for both of these countries. The United States might have got what it wanted in terms of overthrowing corrupted governments, but the ones that followed haven’t been able to handle the tasks.
Once the United States began to be a superpower, judged but the exceptional economy, and strong military. They have view themselves as the world police, any situation that occurs in country’s that may put Americans or American allies in danger, the U.S. responds. Prime examples are both world wars, the U.S. joined the allied forces each time to assist and prevent any greater danger to them…

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