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Expanding to a new place has many difficulties that come with it , and the biggest challenge that comes with this, is deciding on a specific one. During the 1840’s and 50’s, California was as popular and widespread as the campaign of current republican nominee hopeful Donald Trump. The U.S. during the 1840’s and 50’s saw new and exciting opportunities in California, and the people of the union clearly didn’t hesitate in the move as by the end of the gold rush in 1855, 300,000 people had moved to California. Considering the population of the U.S. at the time was just over 23 million, the amount of people that moved to the west was incredible. We know that a lot of people did move west to California, but the real question is why did the U.S. want to expand this specific place during this specific time period. The key reasons for expanding to California were that gold was discovered in the area,it thought that it was it’s manifest destiny to expand to the pacific coast, and California was located in an ideal spot for new trading opportunities with countries west of the U.S.

If people find out there is gold somewhere, they will go to it, and try to “strike gold” . The California gold rush of the 1840’s and 50’s was no exception. It all started in 1848 when a newspaper based in San Francisco called “The Californian” first broke the news of gold in the area. “GLORIOUS SUCCESS! AT THE BEE HIVE!! UNPARALLELED IN CALIFORNIA!!!” Once the news broke, people…

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