U.s. State Department Advisory Essay

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State Department Advisory:
The US State Department advises citizens not to visit Mexico during their elections.

So, it was Day One of our trip and I felt quite nervous. Sleep eluded me the night before as my head was spinning with thoughts of spending the next three weeks flying all the way from Phoenix, Arizona to Santiago, Chile in a small airplane. I couldn’t refrain from dwelling on how crazy we were, especially given the State Department warning against U.S. citizens visiting Mexico. Up until that point in time, I had never been out of the continental United States. When I was twelve years old, I visited Puerto Rico; however, I’m not sure that counts. For this to be my first true international travel experience felt rather daunting, it was comparable to accelerating from zero to sixty miles per hour instantaneously. Even now, I have a difficult time packing for a vacation. What should I bring? How much clean underwear will I need? How hot will weather conditions be? What if the weather turns cold? Should I bring layers? Would a sweater or a jacket be more suitable? Will everything match? Suppose during the trip I appear ridiculous because my last clean shirt and pants resemble a combination fit for a high school clash day? All of those questions loomed disproportionately large as space in the plane was extremely limited and several of the places we planned to touch down wouldn’t have anywhere to shop. That last thought was somewhat irrelevant; even…

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