U.s. Stamps And Bonds Essays

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There is a wife sitting alone by a television; the rocking chair next to her is empty. The year is 1942, just one year after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. But where could her husband be? He is off fighting in World War II. She wonders if there is any way possible for her to possibly support her husband, and the millions of Americans who are overseas. Suddenly she recalls seeing a poster on her walk home. It read, “STAMP ‘EM OUT! BUY U.S. STAMPS AND BONDS.” Advertisements such as this were posted all around America. The purpose of advertisements was to increase support for the war, sell war bonds, and to boost American morale. During World War II, the United States relied heavily upon the purchase of war bonds. War bonds were debt securities issued by the government that helped to finance military operations during the war. In a way, the result of the war was in the hands of the people. It was through their support that the Federal Government had the funding necessary to buy the materials needed to win the war.
Some war ads were comical in nature and had just one point to get across, “BUY WAR BONDS.” On the cover of other advertisements, a cartoon version of Adolf Hitler is being ridiculed or nearly defeated by the American forces. But, not all advertisements focused solely on financing the war effort. As stated by the National WWII Museum, “The most common themes found in the posters were the consequences of careless talk, conservation, civil defense, war bonds, victory…

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