U.s. Russian And Russian Conflict Essay

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Us Response to Ukraine and Russian Current Conflict
Studies reveal that, the Crimean crisis is a cold battle occurring from an intercontinental crisis in 2014 mainly encompassing Russia and Ukraine over the control of the Crimean peninsula, until its invasion by Russia. The skirmish spread-out in the outcome of the Ukraine revolt (Baker, et al 2014, p. 1). Therefore, in February, “President Viktor Yanukovych” ran away from Kiev, the center metropolitan. The Ukrainian parliament overthrew him the following day, and a short-term president ‘Turchynov’ was elected and established a temporary government (Ripley and Jones 2014, p. 5). Russia and a few other nations judged the Turchynov government as illegal and thus the result of the coup (Gedmin 2014, p. 10). Based on this, the United States and European Union were alleged by Russia for supporting and guiding the ejection of Yanukovych. Russia maintained that Yanukovych was unlawfully indicted and continued to be the president of Ukraine. In the late February, professional Russian forces started progressively to take cover of the “Crimean peninsula (Baker, et al 2014, p. 1).” On the contrary, in retort to the activists, the Ukraine administration started to perform destructive exploit. Therefore, this led to armed protectors and other armed personnel to drive rapidly on protest places throughout Ukraine in order to stop the war. Pressures between the two groups rapidly intensified, and they have continued for the past few months…

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