U.s. Presidential Campaign : America 's Socioeconomic Divide Of The United States

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In the United States, dividing residents based on class and wealth has been the norm for centuries. Those who struggle economically are considered lower class and left to struggle for the rest of their lives. Those of higher social standing and wealth are more likely to succeed and survive in the world. Over time, Americans gradually became more aware of the socioeconomic divide between different classes of people. There have been many causes linked to the socioeconomic divide of the United States, including events like the constant migration of people from other countries to America, political figures who have strict ideals about how the country should operate, the numerous amount of jobs that are available, and the constant judgment from people who have access to social media. The bigotry of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign revealed America’s socioeconomic divide regarding views on immigration, loss of jobs, and influence of main stream media.

Currently, the topic of immigration has caused a large amount of controversy in America. It has become a world-wide topic among politicians, the every-day working class, and even in schools. “Many, Immigrants came to America seeking greater economic opportunity” (1), Others have come to America seeking asylum from religious persecution and wars that are tearing their country apart. Immigration was one of the building blocks for present-day America. In other words, America was ‘discovered’ by Christopher Columbus in 1492, while…

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