Essay U.s. Policy Of The Vietnam War

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In the period during and immediately after the Vietnam War, the United States’ government reached one of its lowest points in terms of popularity and trust amongst the American people. Outraged by the destruction, loss of life, and failure in Vietnam, this shocking defeat and widespread public backlash led U.S. policymakers to recognize that there had been a massive failure in our country’s foreign policy regarding containment. Realizing the U.S. had overextended itself in a country that our government had little knowledge of, policymakers understood the need to reexamine and revise the United States’ strategies of containment. This change would come in 1968 with the election of President Nixon and his subsequent appointment of Henry Kissinger as Secretary of State. These two men would proceed to introduce a new, yet familiar, containment strategy that would aim at preventing any additional mistakes, like Vietnam, from being made again. No longer would the U.S be the interventionist, ideological police force to which the world had grown accustom. With Nixon and Kissinger’s strategy, the U.S. would attempt to establish an international world order, where the domestic ideology or practices of a country would not interfere with its relationship with the United States. In hopes of attaining this goal, Nixon and Kissinger aimed to reduce arms build up, respond more flexibly to international events, and to open negotiations with its most notorious adversaries. This represented a…

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