Essay about U.s. Military And Military

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Military organizations are often subject to intense debate these days. Many believe that military operations in various parts of the world are detrimental to the goal of world peace. Conversely, there is also the view that the military and military entities can actually help to facilitate and foster peace around the world. This view may seem counter intuitive to some, but unfortunately, the world can be a very scary and dangerous place. All throughout human history, people of all races, nationalities, religions and creed have sought to advance their own power and influence. In most cases, this cannot be done without the use of force. This raises difficult and intriguing moral questions. Many will claim that the U.S. military and its allies, are responsible for much of the carnage and bloodshed that occur around the globe. Is this true? Perhaps it is, but is it also possible that U.S. and allied forces truly do fight for a global good, or simply fight purely for their own self-interest? Is it justified to intervene in foreign affairs that have little to no threat to the U.S. or her allies, even if a humanitarian crisis is occurring in conflict areas? Many would argue that foreign nations have absolutely no business meddling in other countries affairs, no matter how terrible the situation on the ground may be. Is this truly a moral standpoint? Or ought we to use our resources and the full power and might of our armed forces to fight for and promote western values of…

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