Essay on U.s. Israeli Relations On The United States

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American/Israeli Relations - What’s Happening, and What’s To Come The U.S. Israeli relations are at a rocky point. Where it stands right now isn’t where either side wants it to be, but their leaders conflicting views promise a bumpy path ahead of them. What ensures the slow decent into darkness for the Israeli state and the U.S. is the rough relationship between the leaders, the reliance Israel has on the U.S., and the Israeli-Palestinian relations, which Israel is not trying to fix.

The relationships between American government leaders and Israeli leaders are bad, perhaps worse than they’ve ever been. The U.S. President, Obama, and the Israeli prime minister, Benyamin Netanyahu, have different views, disagree with each other, and dislike each other. Yet, we are in a moment where Israel is more dependant on the United States then they have ever been, but still disagree on everything they are doing. The lack of chemistry between the U.S. President and the Israeli Prime Minister is nothing more than just that - lack of chemistry. However, both leaders must only speak for what is right for their country/state, and put their personal beliefs aside. Though, sometimes what they think is right for their country/state, might not be very correct in the eyes of the other. Despite their difficult relationship, Netanyahu decided to accept an
Alves 2 invitation from the Republican Party to go to Congress and give a joint address. It is rumored that Netanyahu himself asked the…

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