U.s. Involvement During The Vietnam War Essay

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The Vietnam War is the most significant confrontation that created a long-lasting controversy and split up in the American society. The War started when North Vietnam attempted to impose a single communist regime in the region to match China and the Soviet Union. On the other hand, the South Vietnamese government struggled to maintain a democratic country that is closely aligned to the U.S. Therefore, the South Vietnamese government received back up from America, The North Vietnamese regime, received assistance from the Communist great powers. Perhaps, the American main problem was not the poor strategy, but underestimation of the Viet Cong tenacity.
The impact and role of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War are huge. To begin with, the main aim of the presence of Americans in Vietnam was to unify the North and South by stopping the spread of communism. The Vietnam War escalated in the 1960s, and with better technology and helicopters, American troops were sent to Vietnam. However, despite possessing the world’s well-trained, equipped and organized fighters, it lost the war because the soldiers were only trained to fight a conventional war and not guerrilla warfare. While some believed that the U.S. had a duty to defend other nations from communism threat, others felt that the involvement was a costly affair to the nation. This is the primary reason that thousands of Americans forced to fight the war, lost their lives. In the end, America’s role in uniting the nation was…

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