U.s. Foreign Policy Process Essay

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U.S. Foreign Policy Process
Writing Assignment 2
Katlyn Davis
Immigration Reform or Racism?
No matter the political party, most can agree that America’s immigration system is broken. The steps toward fixing the entire immigration process include everything from border security and amnesty plans, to employment eligibility, and everything in between. While democrats are pushing for quick reforms, a compromise between the two parties is far from settled. With nearly 11 million immigrants predicted to be here illegally, efforts to fix immigration seem more than necessary.

Both Democrats and Republicans agree that border security is a definite step in the process to fix immigration. Reforms concerning border security would include adding more personnel, new technology, and better physical borders. Personnel is suspected to nearly double. New technology includes ground sensors and technology that enable border personnel to respond quicker to border infringements (Bash 2010). For republicans, security is a top priority. The GOP not only relate illegal immigration to this insufficient security but also believe it would prevent transports of illegal contraband, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and other types of cartel activity. Democrats also see the need for the heightened security. President Barack Obama and his administration have developed a plan that involves an increased enforcement of laws concerning illegal immigration and fraudulent action such as creating false…

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