Essay on U.s. Elementary And Secondary School Curriculum

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Evidenced by U.S. elementary and secondary school curricula, students are introduced to the scientific method – the way in which we ask and answer questions about the world around us. Through the scientific method, one must develop a hypothesis, conduct experiments, make observations, and repeat as necessary until a legitimate statement is reached. As a child, I considered myself a future scientist. I was invigorated by the rather immediate and concrete findings of hands-on experiments, but had little patience for tasks that did not allow me to physically engage with my work. Years later, I have come to appreciate the importance social science plays in understanding and advancing some of the most critical issues of our time – social mobility, equity, access, and educational opportunity. As a developing higher education scholar, my exposure to and experience with research has been limited. However, through my professional work in university admissions and recruitment, I have deduced summaries through quantitative findings and qualitative correlations to determine the outcomes of various projects. I now understand, while I did not possess the appropriate terminology to define my approach, I had a clear, and often narrow focus regarding the information I gathered. My approach remained circular in nature; I summarized findings and distinguishing trends, but lacked the root question I sought to answer, or the knowledge of how to advance the question once the summaries were…

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