U.s. Department Of State Released My Employer From A Four Year Consent

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Recently the U.S. Department of State released my employer from a four-year Consent Agreement arising from past violations of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). As part of this release, the State Department had to gain confidence in the development of a rigorous International Trade Compliance (ITC) program that detects, identifies, reports, corrects and prevents ITAR violations. Ongoing activities to satisfy these requirements include, robust processes and controls for export authorizations and classification, which has been a recent focused for the engineering team.
The company topography is comprised of several small business units consisting of Cargo Handling Systems, Lighting Systems, Evacuation Systems, Seating Systems, and Propulsion Systems to form the Interiors business unit.
Last week I was tasked to lead and facilitate a 2-day Kaizen business process mapping event that focused on a software solution that is being implemented within our PLM (Product Life Cycle Management) system at our Cargo Handling System business unit. This out-of-the-box solution is intended to create what’s called a “controlled workspace” for all different engineering file types of data (3D models, drawings, test procedures, test reports, etc.) that is stored within the PLM database. The “go-live” date for this software solution is scheduled for two weeks. The Kaizen event in this case was a perfect mechanism to bring the cross functional groups together to effectively…

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