U.s. Democratic Politics : The Democratic Party And Donald Trump For The Republican Party

1149 Words Jun 3rd, 2016 null Page
An election, seen by the majority as the true symbol of a democratic country, is nothing more than an act that endows the people with the right for choosing who will be their leaders (Sidlow and Henschen). This right is expressed through a vote. This action constitutes the basis of any democracy around the world. There are different types of democracies around the world, but all of them are based in the belief that the people has the power. The U.S currently uses a representative democracy, and in the current year will conduct an election with the most probably candidates to win it, being Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for the the Democratic Party and Donald Trump for the Republican Party. First, let’s clarify how a representative democracy works. In this kind of democracy, the population does not vote directly for the president, instead their votes go to representatives, which posteriorly will form the electoral college (Sidlow and Henschen). This brief notion on how the U.S democratic system works, will lead us in the right way to do an accurate forecast, because the candidate with the most electoral votes wins and not the candidate with the popular vote. Therefore, in order to do an accurate forecast of the 2016 Presidential election, factors such as who is going to win the swing states, the popular satisfaction with the party in power, economic performance and polling averages must be analyzed. First, the popularity of the President in power will have an impact on…

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