U.s. Congress : The Supreme Court Judge After The Death Of Antino Scalia

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In the United States today there is many people throughout this country that are republican or democrat that are not fans of the congress. Some people say that congress never gets anything done, they never can agree on anything, etc. But that is how our government was built to have sections within the government that are made up of different parties so that not one party or branch can dominate the U.S government.
In the U.S congress today there are many bills/issues that go to them and they are not passed or dealt with. But one major issue in congress right now is about the Supreme Court. The people of the United States are frustrated with this issue because some congressman are fighting to not let President Obama receive the power to select the next Supreme Court judge after the death of Antino Scalia. The reason why some congressmen are fighting to give Obama the power to elect a new judge is because they do not want another liberal judge in the Supreme Court. Now if there is another liberal judge selected to the court it will put tilt in the Supreme Court to the liberals. With a Liberal judge selected it will end the era of Republican dominated court. Some congressmen are fighting this issue very hard because with a majority of judges being liberals it can carry strong implications on issues within the U.S that will make it more of liberal view and standpoint. In one of the scenes from the Film Lincoln it shows the congress arguing about how Lincoln wants to pass a…

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