U.s. Compulsory Recruitment For Military Service Essay

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Veterans Day! I was not on FB yesterday so today I will give my 2cent 's worth.

Looking back in time, I remember getting out of HS thinking about what I should do with my life. I had no Idea. My parents wanted me to go to some kind of collage. There are people that are made to go to school well I am not one of them,and never was or will be. I realized that. My schooling was the School of hard knocks.from 1971 till?

I remember it was a Saturday back in June of 1971. We where (my close school friends) down camp on the Whitewater river. I was fishing and the rest of my friends where up watch the draft pull to see what there number for the draft will be.

draft: select (a person or group of people) for a certain purpose. draft: US compulsory recruitment for military service.

About 45 minutes later they all came out on the porch and yelled. We will see you later Jack. I found out I had number 32. That draft they where taking number up to 120.

Oh well I remember saying, and thinking what shall life bring? As that next week went by I took a good look at what I wanted to do. No I had no thoughts of running to Canada to escape the draft. Yes, Vietnam was still going on and yes solders where still getting killed. I decided I will make the best of it and instead of waiting for then to send the draft notice I went down to the government building on a Monday morning and look into the different services and what they had to offer. I remember going to the Coast Guard first. I…

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